Website content ideas to help you get your site up and running

A home page is a must for your website content

The home page of your website isn’t necessarily the page visitors will initially land on, but it is a good starting place for many. It needs to help give visitors an overview of who you are and what you’re about — as well as directing them to your top resources and services. Ensure you use it to help direct your visitors to the information they need — and make their next logical step easy to follow.

Take your time with your about page

Your about page is where they can find out more about the business and the person behind it. The key to a good about page is to make it a balance of information on you and them. For example, rather than list your credentials, share what this enables you to do for them. Share your values and passions, so your visitors can resonate and feel more connected to you. Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site — so use it well.

Opt for a ‘work with me’ page

This page is where you demonstrate why your ideal clients need you. It’s where they can find out how much better or easier their life will be, now they know about you. Use this page to give them details of your offers and services and to share what it’s like for them, to be a client of yours. Make it juicy and enticing!

Have a central services page

When you’re planning out your website content, think of your services page like your online shop — it lists everything you can offer a client. If you have lots of different products and services, separate them out under headings and banners. A grid layout works well here. If you only have a few products or services, opt for a banner style, so you can list each one below the other.

But also opt for sales pages for your services and products

Each product or service you offer needs to have it’s own sales page too. It’s far easier to promote a specific offer, if you can directly link to the product or service you’re promoting. But a sales page also enables you to write copy relevant to what you’re prompting, as well as adding in suitable testimonials etc.

Share your testimonials

Talking of testimonials, share them on your website! You can sprinkle them throughout the main pages of your website. It’s also worth creating a specific testimonials page too, so you can house all the testimonials you’ve received, in one place.

Want fresh website content? Start a blog

A blog is a great way to improve the SEO on your website. By its nature a blog is a chance to consistently add new content to your site — something the search engines love. You can also link out to the other pages on your site from within your blogs too — helping with the internal linking of your site.

Offer a freebie

Finally, think about offering a free opt-in or two, on your site. Having a specific opt-in page for each freebie is good, but also consider having a central resources page to house them all in one place — especially if you have several freebies.



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