How To Plan And Create Goals (And Stick To Them)

Have you been wondering how to plan and create goals you stick with? As I write this, I’ve just been planning out what my 2022 looks like.

I’m the first to admit that I set goals at the beginning of the year but don’t always achieve them. That is — until I started using a proper planning process.

As I look back on last year’s goals, I can say that I’ve actually achieved 50% of them. I was probably a bit overly ambitious, and well, I also didn’t have the foresight that we’d be in another lockdown come January.

It’s been a turbulent year and one of big changes for us all. And I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re ready for the last 2 years to be behind us!

I’m soooo ready for 2022, and writing my new (achievable) goals has given me goosebumps.

How I Plan And Create Goals For The Year Ahead

So what process do I use to ensure I plan and create goals that I will actually stick with? It’s quite a simple process, but it is a really effective one.

#1: Review The Past Year

Firstly, before I plan and create goals, I take a look back over the year and the goals I set for that period. I take the time to celebrate the wins and ask myself why I didn’t hit the others. Quite often, I find the goals I didn’t hit were the ones that weren’t aligned with where I was heading.

#2: Look At My Big Vision

This is something I’ve recently pulled together. I think about where I would like to be in 3 years time, and I go really deep. Doing this enables me to work towards that year on year.

#3: Plan And Create Goals For The Year Ahead

This starts with thinking about what I need to do in the next year to help get me closer to that big vision. From this, I set the big goals (including my revenue goal) and map out what I need to do.

#4: Map Out A Revenue Plan

Each year I have a revenue goal. I take a look at my current offers and think about any new ones I may need. I can then map everything out to see what I need to do to reach my goal.

#5: Plan My Marketing Campaigns

Once I know what I’m selling and when I can map out a clear marketing strategy and campaign plan for the year ahead. This is a loose plan at this stage because, as we know, things can change quickly!

#6: Look At My Systems And Subscriptions

Next up, I’ll check the systems and subscriptions I’ve been using in the past year. This helps me decide if I still need them and also consider what I will need for the year ahead. I can then cancel anything I’m not going to be using.

#7: Final Check-In With My Plan And Goals

Finally, I carry out a check-in with myself to make sure everything is aligned and sitting right. I usually do this a week or so after I’ve planned, just to make sure it feels good. I will, of course, keep checking in throughout the year to make sure everything I am doing is helping to reach my goals.

It sounds pretty simple when I lay it out like this, doesn’t it! But as with many things, the beauty is in that simplicity.

So if you’ve been looking to get your year planned but been procrastinating or weren’t sure where to start, I hope this has helped.

And of course, if you need some hand-holding through the planning process, with an added sprinkle of energy clearing, then I have two options for you…

Why not join me for the 2022 Power Planning Party (all the deets here).

Originally published at on December 8, 2021.




Marketing & Tech Strategist. I help business owners bypass tech stress and scale online. Strategy | Automation | Tech | Connecting Dots

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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Marketing & Tech Strategist. I help business owners bypass tech stress and scale online. Strategy | Automation | Tech | Connecting Dots

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