Evergreen Marketing Vs Launching

I’ve seen a lot of coaches talking about evergreen marketing vs launching recently, so I wanted to give you my take on this. Some people thrive off launches, while others prefer to use evergreen marketing. Because, as you may have heard me say many times before, one size does not fit all (this goes for anything in life, not just the online business world!).

When it comes to deciding which option is best for you, it depends on what aligns most with you. And you can’t make that decision until you have a clear understanding of both evergreen marketing and launching, what each entails, and what each can mean for you and your business.

So let’s take a look at each in turn.

An Overview Of Launching

Launching is a term used in the online business world. Usually, it entails hosting a free event (masterclass, challenge, experience) that’s run either as a one-off or over several days. You entice your audience to sign up (thus growing your email list) and give them a taste of what it’s like to work with you inside the course/program/membership you’re launching. At the end of your event, you’d invite them to join by a specific date (often called “cart close”). At this point, the doors are closed until you launch again.

The Benefits Of Launching Your Products And Services

There are several great benefits to launching your products and services. It’s a great way to grow your email list and can help create a buzz of energy around your launch. Holding a launch event is perfect if you enjoy being visible, and it can also bring in a big chunk of revenue into your business at any one time.

Although you can run a launch on your own, it’s much easier to run if you have a team behind you. Having someone to support you during the launch and helping with all the behind the scenes work can really help make it less stressful for you. However, if you don’t yet have a team, just know that you’ll need to be organised before and during your launch — and remember to book time off afterwards, so you can recover!

The Downside Of Launches

Launching also has its downsides. You must be visible before and during the launch period. Is this something that suits your personality type? You may find your revenue fluctuating month by month, which can cause concerns if you need stability and consistency. There are also many moving parts in the background, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve pre-prepared all your copy and have all the tech sorted and set up prior to launching.

You may find you have a few successful launches, but then your audience may become bored of them. Your audience may also have what I call launch fatigue (i.e., they signed up for too many free challenges). You can minimise this risk by mixing up your launches if you choose to hold regular ones.

What We Mean By Evergreen Marketing

Evergreen marketing is when the doors are open to your course/program/membership all the time, your marketing will be consistent, and you’ll have many ways people can join you. You drive traffic to your website, blog, podcast or YouTube channel and share useful content that can be repurposed. Evergreen marketing needs a great lead magnet to initially pull people into your world. You then nurture your leads regularly, through email or on social media and are converting people all the time.

Reasons To Use Evergreen Marketing In Your Business

There are several reasons why evergreen marketing could be right for you and your business. You have a steady stream of people signing up to your lead magnet, so there’s no need to do any big launches as you nurture the people on your list and promote your services. Your revenue stays consistent, as there are no peaks and troughs on a month to month basis.

The beauty of evergreen marketing is you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time and energy on your marketing, and you only need to prepare things once and tweak them as needed. (Do check your starts regularly, though, so you can address any issues early!)

The Downside To Evergreen Marketing

But as with launching, there are also downsides to opting for evergreen marketing. Growth can be slower as you’re not building a quick burst of activity or focus on your product/service.

Revenue can also be slower building too. You may not get huge chunks of revenue into your business as you would during a big launch. Just know that it will build over time and be more consistent when it comes in.

How Do You Decide Which Is Best For You?

Both require time and effort, so don’t think one is easier than the other. But if you’re looking to decide which is best for you, ask yourself what one fits in with your preferred way of working. I believe it’s about personal preference. If you’re not sure, test both out, as that’s the only way you’re really going to know.

Take time to think about what you love doing most, and go with what feels good for you. If you hate launching, then don’t do it. Equally, if you love launching, go for it. You got into business to enjoy it, so do what you enjoy. There are so many ways to market your services and digital products online.

And do you even have to choose — couldn’t you opt for both? You can mix the strategies up and decide to do one or two big launches a year and then run evergreen the rest of the time. That can totally work for you too. As I’ve previously said, test, test, test!

Need Help Deciding Between Evergreen Marketing And Launching?

If you’re unsure which way to go, I can help. Book a HEAL Clarity session here, and we can map out what this looks like for you. And if you need implementation support to set up your evergreen system or launch, my team is on hand to help.




Marketing & Tech Strategist. I help business owners bypass tech stress and scale online. Strategy | Automation | Tech | Connecting Dots

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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Marketing & Tech Strategist. I help business owners bypass tech stress and scale online. Strategy | Automation | Tech | Connecting Dots

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